2015 Event

TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2015, at the TimesCenter in New York City.  Below is the list of speakers along with their topic.  Order is subject to change.


Download the Full TEDxManhattan Program PDF


Download the TEDxManhattan Lineup (1 Page) PDF

2015 Run of Show (02/21/15)MM quote_v2

Registration 9:30 – 10:30. Webcast begins promptly at 10:30 (ALL TIMES EASTERN)

Session 1 – Sharing the Vision (10:30 – 12:15)


Intro: Tom Colicchio
Speaker 1 – Danny Meyer – Fine dining and chain restaurants – the evolvement and overlap of the two

Intro – Urvashi Rangan
Speaker 2 – Anim Steel – Food justice

Intro – Paul Lightfoot
Speaker 3 – Ali Partovi – What’s the real reason organic food costs more? (Hint: It’s not because it’s more expensive to produce)

Intro – Megan Miller
Speaker 4 – Stephen Reily – How do cities build platforms to help the local food economy achieve sustainability and scale?

Film clip: The Meatrix – Re-make and re-launch of the hugely successful 2003 viral phenomenon

Intro – Wenonah Hauter
Speaker 5 – Michele Merkel – What is legal is not always right – fighting for justice in rural America

LUNCH  12:15 – 1:30  (Webcast offline/break)

Session 2 – Shaping Our World (1:30 – 3:30)

Intro – Mitchell Davis
Speaker 6 – Debra Eschmeyer – Let’s Move! and White House initiatives

Intro – Andrew Gunther
Speaker 7 – Stefanie Sacks – How small changes in eating can make big differences

Intro – Peggy Neu
Speaker 8 – Robert Graham – Teaching doctors about the importance of food to health

Intro – Gary Oppenheimer
Speaker 9 – Marcel Van Ooyen – Scaling up local food distribution to take it from niche to mainstream

Intro – Sunny Young
Speaker 10 – Joel Berg – The only real way to end hunger in America

Intro – Ann Cooper
Speaker 11 – Dana Cowin – The power of ugly vegetables.

Speaker 12 – TEDxManhattan Award Winner – Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine. School. Kids. Community. Food. The educational community center Steve is building in a school in the Bronx.

Speaker 13 – DJ Cavem (with Alkemia Earth) – Health education through art and hip hop music

BREAK  3:30 – 4:10 (Webcast Offline)

Session 3 – Lighting the Future (4:10 – 6:00pm)

Intro: Sam Van Aken
Speaker 14 – Henry Hargreaves – How end-of-the-world doomsday preppers are thinking about their food 

Film clip: Anna Lappe – Real Food Media Project winner
Speaker 15 – Shen Tong – Investing in food businesses       

Intro –  Lance Price
Speaker 16 – Kendra Kimbirauskas – The good food movement and the explosion of factory farms in the U.S.

Film clip: Regina Bernard-Carreno and Alison Cayne
Speaker 17 – Danielle Nierenberg – Why the food system will fall apart without women farmers

Intro: Myra Goodman
Speaker 18 – Nikiko Masumoto – Farming and a vision for farmers




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