Standing Ground

Standing Ground

Sisters Diane and Marlene Halverson grew up on a Midwestern dairy farm. Their current work builds on their long careers in the field of farm animal welfare.

In 2009, they created Field Productions, LLC to produce documentary films that explore the linkages between farm animal welfare and food sovereignty, quality of rural life, and human and environmental health, including climate change and biodiversity.

They have written about and collaborated on three internationally distributed short films about the impacts of industrialized farming on animals, communities and the environment.

Juxtaposed against the social and ecological ravages of industrialized animal farming, their current feature length documentary Standing Ground (working  title) depicts farmers from the U.S., Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Africa  who have chosen a different path—one designed to be in greater harmony with nature and respectful of the wild and domesticated species that, with us, inhabit our endangered earth. It suggests that putting into practice a more informed ethic concerning animals we raise for food is fundamental to a socially just and ecologically sound farming and food system.

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